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General Wallpaper Information

How can i pay for my Mural Product? Do you ship worldwide?
You can pay with paypal or bank transfer. If You select the bank transfer option your Mural will be produced only after the proof of payment, and yes we do ship worldwide.
What is the price per square meter? How much it will cost the shipment?
I can't find an image that i like on your site. Do you have some kind of a image database for doing a search with more images?
How wide are the wallpaper panels?
How will my wallpaper arrive?
How long does it take to produce a Wallpaper and to arrive at my adress?

Customising Your Mural

How will i know what my mural looks like before ordering?
When you place your order, we will send you an email with a proof of image showing how your wallpaper MyMural will look with the standard colors. If you need any changes to be made at this point, just let us know, and if you are happy with it and wish to proceed then the payment must be made by PayPal or Bank Transfer and we will print your wallpaper right away.
Can I customise my mural?
Are the colour seen on screen accurate?
Colour variances between prints?

Installation & Fitting

Should I book a professional installer to put the mural on my wall?
We recommend that all customers contact a professional installer to do it. Once your mural arrives, please check your mural prior to installation to ensure that everything has arrived as ordered.
What glue should be used to hang the wallpaper murals?
How do I install the wallpaper?
Is the wallpaper washable?
Can i return it?
If there are printing problems with the mural, will you replace it?

Measuring Your Wall

Should I give exact wall dimensions?
Yes you should. We need your accurate measurements of the wall, without skirting boards or anything besides the wall surface, width and height, and then we will print your wallpaper slightly larger to account for any unleveled walls or minor measuring errors.
What do I do if I have a sloping wall or a wall that isn’t square or rectangle?

Image Size Requirements and Supplying Artwork

View our guidelines on supplying images and artwork

1. Images Must Be Large. In order to print large wallpaper murals, we need large high resolution images, ideally full size at a minimum of 150Dpi at full scale. The best thing to do is email your image to us at info@mymural.eu and we can tell you straight away whether your image is suitable or not.

2. Images Must Be Clear. If you have a small image, you can’t simply enlarge it because this will make it go blurry, so as well as being a good size, your image must also be nice and clear to get the best quality print.

Copyright Ownership

What We Do

Best products with desing, quality and price.

We Design, Produce and Customize Wallpapers for your personal ou company space
Shop in our site with all the safety. Your personal data will never be used for anything then comunication with us
We have the best price/quality relation on the market, at 35€ per sq meter plus shipping
You can shop even in the mobile version. Your order can be placed even with your smartphone
All done with the custom measurements of your wall
You can search in our site for a Mural or send us a file to print for your order with minimum of 150dpi at normal size
You can track your order even overseas. We ship Worldwide!
All our print are printed in High Quality Mode with original branded Eco Green Guard inks.

Get a MyMural Wallpapers and customize your wall

A wall is a blank canvas ready to be the center of your space

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