How To Measure
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How To Measure

You only need to measure the length and the height of the wall. Don´t include the skirting board or any frame that may exist that will not have wallpaper in it. The print will be 5cm or more larger then the dimensions you will give us, to allow excess paper trimming in the end of the installation. This way the cuts will be easier and safer to do, making sure that no blank space will show up.

Measure Your Wall

full length x full height

Standard Wall
Measure the full legth and height of the wall. We need your exact wall size, so don´t forget to double check you measurements before sending. Exclude skirting boards or anything besides the wall surface you want to cover with the wallpaper. Check the measurements once more time and then send them to us.
Sloped Wall
Measure the full legth and height of the wall, and ignore any slopes. As you know, not all the walls are completely flat surfaces. For example, attic spaces normally contain irregular cealings or uneven wall spaces. Measuring the all wall will prevent the possibility for the mural to be too short. That areas will be choped during installation. The mural will be produced as a square or a as a rectangle according to the image printed. Ensure that important elements will not be printed in the chopped areas.
Wall with Obstacles
Some walls have a door or a window in it, no problem. Simple, measure the full legth and height of the wall first and then divide it in segments as the picture bellow. Make a sketch withdraw and send it to us. Take a picture of the wall so we can understand it. If you still have doubts or questions feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help.
Multiple Walls
Measure the full legth and height of the walls as it was only one. After that measure the length of the first wall and the seconde one, so we can produce it knowing were the corner will be.

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